Guide to Traveling the World

Welcome to College Cosmopolitan! Inspired by Foster Huntington’s blog, A Restless Transplant, this blog is created for young wanderers. We’ve all heard it a million times before–find a career and make something of your life.

That’s what college is for, after all. To prepare you for your nine to five with a few weeks of vacation days and the hopes of a golden retirement. Well that sounds great, but what ever happened to exploration and discovery?

There are so many places to go, people to meet, and ideas to think. The only way to experience the wonders of the world is to pop the tiny bubble society confines you in, step out of your comfort zone, and travel.


Meaning of fernweh by word-stuck via Tumblr and used here with a Creative Commons license.

This site was created for anyone who has ever felt fernweh.

Emulating the simplistic style of How to Travel on a Budget, this site provides the tips and tricks you need to make that craving to see the world your reality.

Based on philosophies similar to those expressed in The Traveling Gypsy and incorporating ideas along the lines of Travel Bug Budget and Meaningful Travel on a Small Budget, College Cosmopolitan is created to help you prepare for a lifestyle of globetrotting.


If not now, when? via agirlcalledlynsey and used here with a Creative Commons license.


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