University Overseas

One of the main things that people say about traveling is that it opens up your mind. Experiencing new things, meeting new people, and discovering new places are the best ways to expose yourself to different perspectives.

Life is just a matter of perspective. Through travel, you are forced out of the bubble of your comfort zone.


Flying over Maui, Hawaii.

College is a time for new experiences and growth. Studying at a university abroad has many perks besides just opening up your mind to new perspectives.

Amelia Thompson doesn’t in the least bit regret earning her bachelor’s degree abroad.

“I met a ton of lifelong friends and I traveled to places I never knew existed,” said Thompson, who earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Newcastle, Australia. “I learned how to manage on my own in a foreign country and socialize with new people and break out of my shell.”

Some top international universities charge no tuition. 

In countries like Germany all state-run universities are tuition-free, including the University of MunichRuprecht Karl University of Heidelberg and the University of Hamburg. ​

Another tuition-free European destination is Norway, which includes universities such as the University of Oslo and University of Bergen. ​

Finland doesn’t charge tuition to international students, but they still need to pay for living expenses, which can run from 700 to 900 euros per month ($900-$1,200) according to Finland’s Centre for International Mobility.

In a Kiplinger article titled “Earn a Degree Overseas,” Jane Bennett Clark points out that even world-renowned universities overseas often cost half the price of many American schools. Also, in lots of countries, degree programs are only three years instead of four–saving students even more money.

One of the reasons many students go to school overseas is to experience another culture. But Thompson asks: Why not, while you’re there, travel around?


Bruges, Belgium

Travel everywhere

“Don’t just stay in one spot,” Thompson said. “Venture out and explore other countries that are nearby.”

Many students go overseas to experience new cultures. Thompson asks: Why not, while you’re there, travel around?

In places like Europe, this is especially simple in places. A student in London, for example, can easily take weekend trips to places like Paris and Amsterdam with low-cost  domestic flights or high speed trains.

“Don’t just stay in one spot,” Thompson said. “Venture out and explore other countries that are nearby.”


Paris, France

Hands On Learning

Some abroad programs can offer better options for hands-on learning and research than staying near home. For students studying in many fields, living in areas that offer access to renowned museums, libraries and city vaults can be very beneficial. For science and environmental majors, living in special corners of the world with specific habitats and bio-regions can provide a more stimulating learning experience. Studying abroad affords rare opportunities to live in another country or be immersed in programs that strongly correlate with your future coursework or areas of interest.

For just this reason, Eric Djanie, a student at Cal Poly, decided to leave his home in Ghana and travel to the United States for university.

Katie Davos attended Webster University for her undergraduate degree. The university in St.Louis, Missouri offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs that involve studying in multiple different regions of the world. Davos studied in Thailand, Netherlands, Indonesia and South Africa over the four years it took to earn her bachelors degree in International Relations. A recent graduate, Davos now works for Wedu, a developmental organization focusing on education and women empowerment in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I can’t imagine my life any other way,” Davos said. “I’m in a place I love working with people that I care about every day.”


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


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