5 Reasons Every Traveler Should Use Localeur

So you’re in a new city and everything is beautiful and different–but you just want to find a coffee shop. There’s an app for that!

Localeur is a new app designed to find the best local places anywhere life may take you. Although the app is fairly new and only contains information about 14 cities in the US–the idea is brilliant and can easily reach beyond these few cities with a little extra support by users.

1) It’s trendy. The concept for the app is that locals from the area enter their favorite places around the city. When you are visiting, you can use the app to eat at delicious restaurants, party at the most electrifying nightclubs and even find the most relaxing parks nearby.


2) It offers variety. Similar to apps like Yelp, essentially you are getting reviews for the best spots around town for shopping, dining, entertainment and much more. Localeur offers a lot more than just reviews though, it offers Instagram pictures and clever yet easy to follow lists like: “5 things to do on a date night on Haight Street,” or even “How to Be Straight in the Castro.”

3) It’s not trying to rip you off. What makes this app stand out the most is it’s organic feel and tasteful variety of options. Rather than being a platform for advertisement by businesses’ themselves–which are the general “reviews” we’re all flooded with daily–Localeur is run by honest members of the community. Their motives are not to make money off of you, but to offer genuine opinions about what’s good, and what’s not.

4) Avoid tourist traps. Localeur can be key to avoiding getting caught in expensive, low-quality tourist traps that litter big cities around the world. Localeur is the best app so far to offer recommendations to enjoy a bonafide cosmopolitan experience.

5) Live like the locals. Using Localeur rather than choosing options based off of generic paid advertisements can highly increase your chances in finding the most niche venues and locations that can make your experience of the city as authentic as possible.


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